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Elite Dental Lab specializes in producing quality dental restorations for dentists and their patients. As a family owned and operated lab we offer the best service possible to our clients.

We pride ourselves on keeping our prices low and being the lab that functions like an extension of your office.

Elite Dental Lab is committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by offering one-on-one attention from start to finish, as well as ensuring you receive your lab work promptly, without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.

Lab Solutions

Digital Brand Compatibility

We accept digital cases from all major intraoral scanner manufacturers.

Quick Answers

Is there a discount for digital cases?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount of cases with digital impressions.

How does billing work?​

Every case is returned with an invoice and statements are generated at the start of each month for all invoices. Statements can be paid by mailing a check to our lab or online here.

Do I have to open an account with Elite before sending a case?​

No. If you need to send a case immediately, you can Print Your Label and Rx Form on our website and send it today.

Do you have any new doctor incentives

Yes we do! Please Contact Us to find out our current offer.

Is shipping included?

Our shipping labels are prepaid. We include actual shipping costs on each invoice rather than arbitrarily rolling it into the price of the case. This maintains transparency on actual costs and keeps our costs as low as possible. We provide FREE SHIPPING whenever you include at least 3 units in a single box.

What if the restoration doesn't fit?

While it is a rare occurrence, If a case needs to be redone we will fix it at no extra charge and no questions asked.

How long do traditional cases take?

10 working days from when the case was received in office (unless more time is needed and will be communicated with the dentist office)

How long do digital cases take?

Our turnaround time for most digital cases is 7 days or less.


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