Full Cast

Full Cast

Affordable and strong, our full cast crowns can stand up to whatever a patient can throw at them.  No matter how tight the space may be, our full cast crowns will drop in and stand the test of time.


Full Cast

Our semi-precious full cast crowns are a perfect solution for practitioners that would rather not use non-precious metals while being more affordable than yellow gold crowns.


Full Cast

The dental lab product that every dentist knows best, our PFMs combine the strength of metal with the hand layered beauty of porcelain to provide long-lasting restorations designed to make your patient smile.


These restorations continue to hold up through the trials of normal function and parafunction, which makes them an excellent choice for those who want their dental work done in order not only be healthy but also believable! Noble metal crowns offer a more hypoallergenic restoration over base metal crowns at a more affordable cost over high noble crowns.

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