Metal Free

Quality meets aesthetics with our strongest metal free option.  Beautiful and strong smiles are crafted by our technicians designed to be caring of opposing teeth.


Porcelain fused to zirconia provides the best of both worlds.  Porcelain's translucency and characteristics without the worry of dark metal showing through near the margins.


The IPS e.max crown is a revolutionary restoration that offers outstanding esthetics and strength. Made of lithium disilicate, it is incredibly strong and beautiful, perfect for restoring beautiful smiles to even the most discerning patients.


Crafted by our expert technicians, our veneers are designed with one thing in mind, a beautiful smile that blends naturally with the patient’s surrounding teeth.  Our veneers are cosmetic and durable to keep patients smiling for years to come.


Designed to make your patient look great while they heal, our temporaries are durable enough for even extended clinical timelines.


Milled PMMA provisional makes your patient smile while they wait for a permanent restoration.


These restorations can be placed by using a castable resin (i.e., high-fusing acrylic, glass ionomer or composite). These materials have a relatively high strength and resistance to wear. Their use will give the patient a more natural appearance. In combination with a metal-free crown or bridge, these materials can also be bonded directly to the abutment teeth.

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