High Noble, Full Cast,

Full Cast

The dental lab product that every dentist knows best, our PFMs combine the strength of metal with the hand layered beauty of porcelain to provide long-lasting restorations designed to make your patient smile.



ADA Codes

D2750 – Crown – porcelain fused to high noble metal

  • Ideal restoration for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges.
  • Cases requiring precision attachments
  • Screw retained implant restorations
PFM Advantages – Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • Strength and durability.
  • Good for large-span bridges.
  • Precision attachments.
  • Make sure inside of crown is cleaned after try-in to ensure cement bonds with crown
  • Any resin modified glass ionomer or resin self etch/self adhesive resin
  • Highly aesthetic cases
  • Minimal space or prep reduction
  • Metal sensitivity

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